[New Affiliate] Negative Zero


It’s like living an idol’s life to the max without worrying about being judged!

[New Affiliates] King Star Entertainment RP and RP Entertainment


King Star Entertainment. A place full of random fun and rigorous training, pair that with stylists and snooping paparazzi and you got the full entertainment company package OuO


Training process and a sneak peek of what it might be like, living the idol dream~

Happy New Year~

It is now 12.22AM in Sydney, Australia and it’s too humid but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Walk into 2013 with your head held high and a clear resolution. I wish you all the very best, stay strong, love K-pop and DON’T GET DRUNK I hope I will be able to create more memories and share them with you all.


Sica (Kyungsoo)


Rules ♣ Masterlist ♣ Apply

Come join Avalon Academy where you can achieve your dreams as a student or a teacher, and have a little fun while you’re at it. Everyday new adventures of a high school life awaits you, whether it be messing around with friends or enjoying the excitement of possibly being caught while having a bit of naughty fun.

Members of A-JAX are requested! Come join the fun! ♥

[New Affiliate] Rebellious Youth RP


OuO Casual/ Action/ Horror AU tumblr rp~

Kim Heechul

Name: Kim Heechul
Group: Super Junior
Company: SM
Teacher or Student?: Art teacher

ACCEPTED! Welcome to Crimson Bloom academy. You are now the teacher of Mad Hatter house OuO Please make your account within 3 days and add the Bunny, Monkey and Cat.

[New Affiliate] Vitiosus RP


Check them out guys. I swear the theme of the rp is amazing

[New Affiliate] Jeonjin University

Yoona requests the beautiful Heechul to join us at Crimson Bloom Academy~

Secretly she is very lonely u__u Poor noona….

[New Affiliate] Avalon Academy


Show them some lovin’~